A Message from Dr Baddock Term 2 Week 9 2017

Mid-year Reports

Mid-year reports for students in Pre-Primary through to Year 12 will be available on Connect-P by the end of Tuesday 4 July. These reports provide an overview of your daughter’s performance and levels of achievement in each of her courses.

For Middle and Senior Years, the mid-year report complements the assessment results and comments you have seen along the way on Connect-P. This report will also include a comment from your daughter’s mentor and the Head of Year.

In Pre-Primary to Year 6, class teachers help their students to set goals for the remainder of the year, basing their advice on the contents of the girl’s mid-year report. Parents are welcome to speak with their daughter’s class teacher if they would like to be involved in this goal setting conversation.

Year 11 and 12 students have now completed their examinations and returned to their regular timetable. They will continue to be assessed through to the end of term.

Year 10 Course Selection Information

By Friday 23 June Year 10 students and their parents will receive a personalised set of recommendations to help in the decision making process about course selections for Year 11 in 2018. This document will list the courses available and identify those that are recommended for your daughter. Included in the information will be a link to the online course selection process. The deadline for course selection is Tuesday 1 August. If you and your daughter require any further information about appropriate courses and possible pathways beyond school, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Hoffman or Sue Shaw.

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