Pre-Primary Maths Packs Term 2 Week 9 2017

Many of our families attended the Pre-Primary Mathematics Information Evening. We will be sending home a Maths pack with your daughter, which is designed to provide opportunities for you to engage in hands-on mathematical learning together. The pack will contain a range of concrete materials and games that will focus on developing an understanding for numbers from zero to 20.

As new games are introduced to the girls in class, the information will be placed on Connect-P for your reference. Every second Tuesday (cycle A), starting from Tuesday 18 July, you will be required to bring in your Maths pack folder, containing the instructions for each game. When a new game is mastered in class, we will add the instructions to your folders for you to play at home. We ask that families aim to play the games tow or three times a week with their daughters to maximise their mathematical learning. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of us if you require any further information.

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