Learn Everywhere

Our Learn Everywhere initiative is an exciting opportunity for MLC students that connects our community with information and resources in a highly mobile and personalised way.

At MLC students and staff have portable and personalised technology tools with them to augment our learning and teaching programmes.

At MLC it is compulsory for girls from Years 5-12 to bring their own device to school (iPad from Years 5-12, or MacBook Laptop from Years 7-12), expanding learning outcomes beyond the classroom and providing for the opportunity to learn everywhere with technology.

Why a personal BYO Device at MLC?

This initiative enhances the learning and teaching programmes at MLC by making effective use of light-weight, portable, flexible and durable technology that enables students and staff to create or utilise a broad range of materials in various learning styles.

Mobile devices promote active and collaborative learning, by individualising content for students and giving the girls real-time access to information.

The device offers a range of assistive technologies to support students with learning needs and provides each girl with a resource that can adapt to their preferred learning style. By using their own device, the girls have the opportunity to personalise it to their needs and have consistent access to resources, content, tools and information.

How we use technology at MLC?

MLC has suggested a set of applications (Apps) that each student can install on their device while at school. These Apps, many of which are free, provide a rich suite of learning technology tools. Please click in the image below to download our apps list.

Recommended MLC iPad Apps

Our student portal Connect.S, which can be easily accessed on the iPad, provides each student a personalised view of her learning journey. Girls will access their timetable, upcoming assignments, assessment results, lesson objectives and make notes on upcoming tasks and curriculum content.

Each personal device will become a repository of personalised learning resources as students use the note taking applications to record written, audio, photographic and video notes of lesson content and learning experiences.

MLC has partnered with leading digital textbook publishers to provide rich multimedia experiences that explore the Australian Curriculum. Teachers at MLC are experimenting with developing interactive multi-touch books, specifically catered to individual student needs based on learning objectives and curriculum content to be consumed on the device.

Useful Documents

Acceptable Use Agreement
BYO Device Application Form
MLC Social Media Guidelines

Family device agreement template

Our goal is for each family to have a clear and common understanding of how devices (iPads, Phones and Laptops) should be used at school and at home. To support MLC families, we have developed the family device agreement templates to be edited and adapted to your needs. We believe our girls will have the best chance for success when:

  • School and home work together setting clear expectations;
  • Families work together to set expectations for use at home e.g. time, location, access rights;
  • Students feel comfortable discussing their device use with parents; and
  • Parents are informed and proactive in monitoring device use at home.

Please download the template (in Microsoft Word format) and edit and adapt to your needs. We recommend the agreement be developed as a family and stored in clear view for easy reference.

Family Device Agreement

What will we do to ensure that personal devices are used effectively and efficiently at MLC?

Our goal is for each student to have her device ready to access lesson content at the start of each day. To achieve this goal we will provide:

  • Advice on insurance options;
  • Guidance on caring for the device;
  • Procedures in case of loss or damage; and
  • Training and support to families in supporting the effective use of technology.

JB Hi Fi parent portal

Our new and improved JB Hi-Fi MLC portal is available here. The password is MLC2017. Here you can select from the complete range of Apple devices available, bundle in a case and insurance, and have the device delivered to the Claremont JB Hi-Fi outlet. Please note all MLC JB Hi-Fi devices come from a warehouse in Sydney and have specified days for delivery. You will be notified by email when your device is ready for collection.


Frequently asked Questions

1. Which model iPad/Laptop can my daughter bring to school?

In Years 5 to 12, the most popular model iPads at MLC are the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 4 with Retina Display. We recommended the iPad come with 32Gb as a minimum spec with Wi-Fi only.  In Years 8 to 12 girls may choose to bring either the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook. MLC has moved to the Apple platform as our key technology resource as our research indicates this technology and associated software provides for richer education outcomes. We have chosen the iPad device over other tablets available as it integrates seamlessly with resources created by teachers.

2. Are parents paying for the iPad device?

Yes. Families can use an existing iPad/Laptop or purchase a new device from our partner JB Hi-Fi using our JB Hi-Fi package, which includes the full range of mobile devices, cases and insurance bundled together at a competitive rate, or another retailer. We recommend including insurance with the purchase of any new device.

3. Why doesn’t the school provide them?

iPads are personal devices, like mobile phones. They are not easily shared between users, like a computer, and students get the most benefit by having their own device. The school has invested significantly in improving infrastructure to support more devices, such as improved Wi-Fi coverage and capacity, increased internet bandwidth, networking and cloud collaboration services.

4. Who will pay for the device if it is damaged, lost or stolen?

MLC staff will investigate the loss or damage of any student’s iPad. All students are responsible for the secure transport of their goods and iPads/Laptops like any personal device should be secured in a locker while not in use. As with any personal item, damage and loss will be the responsibility of the owner or the parent or guardian of the user in the case of a loan iPad.

5. Will parents be required to buy accessories?

Yes. All iPads at MLC must be housed in a suitable case. The purchase of any additional accessories is at the discretion of parents.

6. Will parents be required to pay for apps from the Apple app store?

Yes. MLC recommends a default set of apps be installed on student iPads. These apps provide maximum flexibility to ensure note taking, creativity, productivity and integration with our Desktop computers. Students may choose to download apps in order to personalise their device to suit their own learning style, and subject teachers will recommend subject specific apps.

7. Are the iPads insured by MLC while on the College grounds?

No, the College does not insure students’ personal property. However, Apple are introducing iPad insurance (ask at an Apple Store or online). You may also be able to cover the iPad under your home contents’ insurance.

8. Is there an agreement I need to sign before my daughter can bring her iPad to school?

Yes. As part of the programme parents will need to support their daughter by signing our Acceptable Use Agreement.

9. How do we load apps onto the iPad?

If you have internet access at home you can set up an iTunes account on your home computer or on the iPad directly. If you want to control the account and not give access to a credit/debit card, the College suggests that you purchase an iTunes $50 gift card. This will give you enough credit to purchase the required apps. iTunes gift cards are often on special at any of the big department stores.

10. Can apps be installed/updated at MLC?

Yes, apps can be installed/updated on campus, and due to our enterprise wifi and internet speeds we encourage girls to download and update their apps at school. Apps need to be updated on a regular basis when notified.

11. How is student access to inappropriate material controlled?

The College has an extensive filtering system and controls what can be accessed through the College’s computer network; at home your internet router can be configured to filter internet sites. If you are concerned, there are parent locks available through the device. We recommend parents attend our ILT workshop sessions, which will be advertised in the Wyvern, to gain further insight into how technology is used at MLC and how we can work in partnership to support girls in their learning journey.

12. Will students be able to use Facebook or go on other Social Networking sites from the iPad at school?

No. The College blocks Facebook and other social networking sites while students are on our network during the school day. However, we do discuss the use of Facebook and other social media apps with students through our Cyber Safety programme.

13. Can the parents regulate which apps are installed or deleted on the device?

Yes. Restrictions can be set by parents to regulate which apps are installed or deleted on the device, as well as access to the iTunes store.

14. Will my child need to have my credit card details to register for an Apple ID account?

No. You can set up an Apple ID account without the need of a credit card.

15. Will students need an Apple ID?

Yes. All students will be required to create an Apple ID. If students have an existing ID this may be used instead of creating another account.

Apple’s terms and conditions state that users must be 13 years of age or older to have a personal Apple ID. Apple’s new Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts. Pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids’ spending right from a parent’s device. You can also share photos, a family calendar, and more to help keep everyone connected.

To participate in Family Sharing, all family members must have their own Apple ID. Children under 13 can’t create an Apple ID on their own. However, as a parent or legal guardian, the family organiser can provide verified parental consent for a child to have their own Apple ID, then create it on the child’s behalf. When you create an Apple ID for a child, it will be added to your family group automatically. For more details click here.

16. How will students use iPads at school?

iPads will be used on a daily basis at school as a diary, to access ebooks, take photos, write reports, develop presentations and conduct research via the internet. The iPad/Laptop will dramatically reduce the weight of students’ school bags.

17. Will using an iPad/Laptop cut down the number of books students need to buy and carry around?

Yes. In time, many books and paper documents will be replaced by eBooks, PDF documents, web pages and other styles of delivery.

18. Will my daughter still need her books?

Yes. At this stage the current textbooks will be required. The use of text books is under review by the College as we continue our investigation and evaluation of new digital textbooks. Our research indicates there are significant cost savings to be made by purchasing electronic, multimedia textbooks over traditional paper textbooks. In 2015 we will continue to trial the use of electronic textbooks to assess the merits of this approach.

19. Will iPads/Laptops replace face-to-face teaching and reduce contact time between teachers and students?

No. All students will have the same number of classes and the same class sizes as before. One-to-one consultation will remain a defining feature of education at MLC.

20. How do students type on an iPad?

The iPad provides a virtual keyboard for basic word processing. There are cases available that include Bluetooth keyboards which greatly improve the ability to type extended notes. For people who prefer handwriting, there are many iPad applications which allow entry of data by writing.

21. Can the students print from their iPad at school?

Yes, the students will be able to print to College printers via the ILT infrastructure.

22. What support will my child receive?

Students will be provided with an extensive library of self-help videos that they will access on their iPad. ILT staff will provide additional support to ensure all students can access the College network and resources.

23. Will students be able to put their music on the devices?

Yes. Students are able to place their purchased music on the device allocated to them, however, there must be enough space on the device for school-related content.

24. Are students allowed to install games?

Yes. The device can be personalised by students, however, there must be enough space on the device for school-related content. Installed games must have a suitable rating for the age of the student.

25. Can my daughter have their personal iPad taken from them?

Yes. The College reserves the right to remove the privilege extended to students who do not comply with the Acceptable Use Agreement.

26. What happens if the iPad just stops working?

If there are any issues with the technical operation of the iPad, it should be taken to the ILT Helpdesk in the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre.

27. Will my daughter stop handwriting?

No. The iPad will be used to augment good learning and teaching practices, not replace them.

28. Will the device add extra weight to their bags?

The current iPads weigh between 300 and  650 grams. We anticipate that students will reduce the items in their bags as more content moves online, publishers deliver digital textbooks and students utilise the resources of our student portal.

29. Will my daughter still need a computer at home?

Yes. The iPad does not replace a computer; it simply allows students to access information anywhere. Creation of word processed documents etc. can still occur on a computer.

30. How does my daughter backup the information that is on their iPad?

The College encourages students to backup any data that they have stored on their device. We recommend syncing their iPad to a computer or using technology, such as iCloud or Dropbox, to back up any data.

31. Have teachers’ skills been updated to provide content to this new device?

Yes. MLC staff have been engaged in professional development programmes about the use of ILT in the classroom. This is an ongoing process for MLC as new technology develops and provides new opportunities.

32. Will my daughter be able use her iPad during breaks at school?

Yes, however we ask students to be mindful of their use of technology and take regular breaks from technology devices.

33. Will the battery last all day at school?

The battery will last the school day. Students will need to manage their battery life in much the same way as they do their mobile phones. The College will provide some charging facilities during the day.

34. Who do we contact at the College if we are concerned about device usage?

If the concern is in relation to use within a course, the Subject Teacher or Head of Academic Department should be the first point of contact. For feedback or questions about appropriate use of an iPad, your daughter’s Tutor or Head of Year is the most appropriate contact.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of MLC’s Learn Everywhere initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Ben Beaton, Director of Information Learning Technology at bbeaton@mlc.wa.edu.au.